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Trail Trackers Adventure is one of Top African Tourism and Adventures Company. The company provides diverse services in the tourism sector. Meanwhile, Trail Trackers Adventures is committed to conserving the environment by enlightening the society on the importance of wildlife and natural resources.

Motto: “Mother Africa is our Pride, Let us Make it Proud.”

Mission: To provide the utmost quality in tour travels and adventures services while fostering cultural and natural appreciation.

Vision: To Be the Leading Affordable Recreational Activities Provider in Africa.

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Trail Trackers Adventures Commitment


Clients are TTA’s most valued assets because they, directly and indirectly, facilitate the entire operation of the business. Therefore, TTA in whatever way possible strives to ensure that our client gets the best quality and affordable services right from their beginning to the end of their involvement with the company. The process, in turn, helps TTA to be one of Top African Tourism and Adventures Company. In addition, employees will exercise utmost concern whenever addressing the clients, and every company related question asked by the clients to be answered to the satisfaction. Meanwhile, Custom Packages should be tailored to fit most if not all of the client’s specification, and the fleet management team must provide clients with enough information necessary to help them pick the correct package. Extensive research will be done to ensure optimum security for clients and their belonging.


Undeniably, the environment is depleting at an alarming speed. Sadly, most of the adverse effects experienced by the environment result from human activities. TTA believes humans have to watch over the environment and make it suitable for the next generation. Therefore, we strive to play a role in improving the environment by engaging in activities such as tree planting and educating the public through our website among other methods on the importance of the environment.

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Generally, Trail Trackers Adventures activities will spread across the entire nation. As a result, the community will benefit by, first getting to interact with individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and learn more about each other. Furthermore, various activities will require the assistance of members from the public, especially during the cultural tour. Periodically, this will help the community earn money for their contributions as well as expose them to cultural diversity especially from the visiting group.

Corporate industry

Trail Trackers Adventures intends to share necessary business information that will prove to benefit the business community. Additionally, TTA looks forward to learning about other business especially from other business partners. However, TTA will not share clients’ personal information.


TTA employees are the most valued assets within the management. Therefore, the management handles employees with the utmost respect and allow them to exercise their free thoughts without any fear of intimidation. We expect our employee to use every bit of experience acquired whenever executing TTA activity as a learning experience meant to foster personal or professional goals. Basically, employees are part of TTA “family,” and even though several issues are not mentioned here, it will be the goal of the management to try to its maximum ability to take care of its employees.

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 Trail Trackers Adventures Operational Values

As one of Top African Tourism and Adventures Company, we understand that reputation is the basis of success for any company. Therefore, we do not compromise on both the welfare of the clients as well as the employee. As a result, there are various doctrines under which the company operate within. The doctrines include but not limited to;


We work hard to ensure there is utmost transparency in the activities we conduct as well as the information that we provide to the clients.


Our penchant for nature is the main factor propelling our desire to offer quality services to enhance the environment and cultural appreciation.


Trail Trackers Adventures team understand how busy the society has become. Therefore, dedicate ourselves to secure you any trip of your desire at just a click of the button.


The professionalism of any business is to maintain accountability. At Trail Trackers, we ensure we bear the responsibility to our clients about any action that the company executed officially.

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Services Offered by Trail Trackers Adventures

Trail Trackers Adventures (TTA) is a Kenyan based company offering tour traveling and adventure services. Additionally, being one of Top African Tourism and Adventures Company, Trail Trackers Adventures also provide the services listed below:

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