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Encouraging Local Tourism

Trail Trackers Adventures organizes Weekends Events mainly to encourage local tourism in East African Countries. Undeniably, East Africa is a big region with many tourist attraction sites. importance of the yearly weekends’ event plan is to encourage local tourism. Therefore, the itinerary involves visiting areas, most of which are within East Africa.

Activities During Weekends Events

Generally, yearly events vary from camping activities, historic trails, visiting famous parks and resort, museum, birds viewing and engaging in amazing activities like horse riding, hiking and golfing. Even though some events may last for a day, some extend to 2 nights.

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Payment for Booking Weekends Events

Therefore, browse our “Annual Event” section and browser your preferred choice. Individuals pay a deposit of 60% in advance for booking. The company refunds clients full amount minus transaction charges if the trip is canceled at least one month before the event.  The clients pay half, i.e., 20% of the remaining amount a week before the trip while the remaining amount, i.e., 20% on or before the date of departure.

Clients are encouraged by the company to book early to prevent inconvenience. We look forward to making your trip enjoyable and unforgettable.

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